Can Guinea Pigs Learn to Walk on a Leash Like Dogs

guinea pig walk like dogPet care values differ as day and night. While some specialists think that it is not a advisable to walk your guinea pig at all, others advocate for regular exercise to boost the overall well-being of the pet. What you should know is that such animals have delicate spines, you should hence not pull them and some level of care will be required. So Can Guinea Pigs Learn to Walk on a Leash? Here are a few proven methods you could use.

A brilliant way to walk your pet without breaking its back or hurting its underarms is by using a harness and a tangle free leash. The idea is to ensure that the harness is loose enough and the pet can wander around without getting tugged by the leash. If you do this correctly, then all should be well for your furry friend.

The bottom line is that guinea pigs cannot be walked like dogs. The leash simply ensures that your pet is within a safe zone and it does not wander too far, perhaps too close to harms way. Avoid creating a tugging sensation as the animal plays around because this could endanger its spinal health.

A simple way of ascertaining that you do it right is by choosing indoor exercises over street walks. In this case, you simply need to clear out a room and ensure that it is free of any electrical cords or items that could harm your furry friend. Letting the pet go wild in the entire premise could cause you unnecessary headache.

Guinea pigs are not as brilliant as dogs. They will neither master training concepts nor will they walk beside you during your walks. Because they cannot follow commands, it is easier to set them free within a restricted area and just supervise them as they play.

Outdoor exercises are also great. If you have some outdoor space, you can erect a small fence to keep your pet within a restricted area. Make sure that you choose a cool and dry area and provide some food and water to keep your pet nourished and entertained during the outdoor escapades.

Three hour walks are great for pets that remain locked in small cages for most of the day. If you find that shifting your furry friend outdoors or indoors is challenging, you could choose to acquire a generously spacious cage. This would allow the special four legged buddy to stretch, run and have a good time within the space it calls home.